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Zinc Challenge Liquid -
Zinc Challenge Liquid
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Zinc Challenge Liquid allows you to easily test your body’s zinc levels, as well as provide you with supplemental zinc! 

 Ingredients and Suggested Use

Two teaspoons contain:
Zinc sulfate dissolved in highly purified water……………8 mg

Suggested dose
If your zinc levels are low as dictated by taste reaction (below), take 1 or more Tablespoons per day until you notice a change in taste.
 More Info

How to Find Out If Your Zinc Levels Are Low
To perform the test, put about 2 Tablespoons of zinc status liquid into a cup and then into your mouth. Hold it in your mouth for up to 30 seconds to see if a definite taste develops, and then swallow. Depending on the time it took to notice a taste or the strength of the taste, the responses are classified as follows:

  1. No specific taste or other sensation is noticed.
  2. No immediate taste is noticed, but after a few seconds a slight taste variously described as "dry," "mineral," "furry," or "sweet," develops.
  3. A definite, though not strongly unpleasant, taste is noticed almost immediately and tends to intensify over time.
  4. A strong and unpleasant taste is noted almost immediately.

A reaction in category 1 or 2 suggests a zinc deficiency and a need for zinc supplementation. A reaction of 3 or 4 indicates the patient has adequate zinc levels.

Those who scored 1 or 2 should take Zinc Liquid daily as a supplement (1-2 Tbsp per day) until a strong and immediate taste develops. Keep re-testing zinc levels weekly to keep zinc levels optimal.

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